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  • for Toshiba PA3714E-1AC3 19v-3.42a Replacement Laptop Adapter

Fits Toshiba Satellite

L645D-S4037 L645D-S4037BN L645-S4032 L650-12P L755-13D 13H 13W 13K 13Q L755-S5103 S5110 S5112 S5151 S5152 S5156 S5158 s5161 S5166 S5167 S5168 S5169 S5170 S5173 S5175 S5213 S5214 S5239 S5242WH S5243 S5244 s5246 s5248 S5258 S5275 s5277 S5358 S7245 S7248 S9511 S9530D S524 L755-06N 06P L755-1LL PSK1WE-0U6009EN L755D-128 1283 L755d-s5104 s5130 S5160 s5162 s5163 s5171 s5347 s5348 s5359 s7330 s7332 L755D-12L 10J 10U L775-s7102 s7105 s7111 s7130 s7140 s7240 S7241 s7245 s7248 s7307.
fits Toshiba L775-s7309 s7350 S7352 S7355 L775d-s7132 s7135 s7224 s7226 s7304 s7305b s7332 s7355 s7340 S7345 PSM73C-SR200E L855-12G L855-S5119 S5157 S5163 S5171 S5210 S5240 S5372 s5383 S5385 P50-ABT3N22 ABT3G22 P55-A5200 A5312 P55t-A5116 A5118 A5202 PSPMKU-00U02Q PSPMKU-05X02Q PSPMKU-00V002 P200-13Z P305-S8996E P305D-S8903 P500-ST6821 ST6822 P505-S8950 S8980 P755d-s5379 P755-s5182 s5184 S5260 s5263 S5264 S5265 S5268 S5269 S5272 S5274 S5320 s5375 s5381 S7320 ez1511d P770-ST5GX1 ST5GX2 ST6GX1.

 P770-ST6GX2 P775d-s7302b s7144 s7360 P845-S4200 P845t-S4310 SP4363SM S4305 S4102 P855-S5312 A80-S178 S178TD a85-sp1072 A100-S2311TD A105-S101 S1712 S2719.S3611 S2711.S2111 S2041 S2051 S2071 S2081 S2091 S2101 S2121 A110 A135-S2326 S2336 S4407 PSAD0U-03J00P A135-S4417 PSAD0U-03X00P A135-S4427 PSAD0U-03H00P A135-S4437 PSAD0U-03W00P A135-s4527 s4666 S7403 S7404 SP4796 SP5819 SP5820 a200-11c T05 16B ST2041 A205-S4537 S4557 S4607 s4617 S4707 s5000 s5804 s5814 s5843 S5853 S5855 A215-s4817.

fits Toshiba A215-s5837 A215-s7428 A300-1BZ A300D-MK3 A305-s6858 s6872 s6916 A305d-s6831 s6848 A355-s6925 s6935 s6940 A500-ST5607 ST56X6 ST6644 A505-s6004 s6005 S6012 S6014 s6030 s6033 s6034 s6035 s6960 s6975 s6980 s6985 s6992 s6998 A505d-s6008 A660 A665-S5170 SP6011M SP6012M S6050 PSAW0U-01100G M30X-102 104 105 M35X-S163 S309 S311 S329 S3291 S1631 S1143 S1142 S111 M45-S165 S1651 S169 S1681 M60-S8112TD M70-343 348 M100-SP1011 M115-S1061 M300-ST3401 M300-ST4060 M640 M640-BT2N25 ST2N02 M645-S4061.
M645-S4070 U505-S2006 S2010 S2012 S2020 S2925 S2930 S2950 SP2017M SP2916C SP2916R SP2990A SP2990C U500-S2935 S2940 S2961 S2965 S2970 S2980 EZ1311 S1322 U405D-2874 U400-18S 18L 17O R705-SP3001L R830-SP3277KM 030 R835-P81 P83 R840-S8411 R845-s80 s95 Tecra R850-10H 10W 14R 18F 176 175 01D 14L PT520E-01800MGR Portege R700-s1310 00E 00G 15Q R835-P56X p55x p83 p89 p92 NB205-N310/BN NB205-N325BN NB505-N500BL N508BL NB105-SP2801A NB100-SP2802R Nb15t-a1304 asp1302kl asp1302xl SDAP-65KB B.

Compatible with
Toshiba Satellite PA3714E-1AC3 PA3467V-1ACA ADP-65JH AB
pa-1700-02 N193 V85 R33030 G71C000DM110 L775d P55 P755 A305 A355
A505 M30X M640 Portege R700 Laptop Notebook PC 19VDC 3.42 Amp 65
Watts Power Supply Cord Cable PS Battery Charger Mains PSU

Compatible with

Toshiba Satellite L755-13D L755-13H L755-13W L755-13K L755-13Q
L755-S5103 L755-S5110 L755-S5112 L755-S5151 L755-S5152 L755-S5156
L755-S5158 L755-s5161 L755-S5166 L755-S5167 L755-S5168 L755-S5169
L755-S5170 L755-S5173 L755-S5175 L755-S5213 L755-S5214 L755-S5239
L755-S5242WH L755-S5243 L755-S5244 L755-s5246 L755-s5248
L755-S5258 L755-S5275 L755-s5277 L755-S5358 L755-S7245 L755-S7248
L755-S9511 L755-S9530D L755-S524 L755-06N L755-06P L755-1LL
PSK1WE-0U6009EN L755D-128 L755D-1283 L755d-s5104 L755d-s5130
L755D-S5160 L755d-s5162 L755d-s5163 L755d-s5171 L755d-s5347
L755d-s5348 L755d-s5359 L755d-s7330 L755d-s7332 L755D-12L
L755D-10J L755D-10U L775-s7102 L775-s7105 L775-s7111 L775-s7130
L775-s7140 L775-s7240 L775-S7241 L775-s7245 L775-s7248 L775-s7307
L775-s7309 L775-s7350 L775-S7352 L775-S7355 L775d-s7132
L775d-s7135 L775d-s7224 L775d-s7226 L775d-s7304 L775d-s7305b
L775d-s7332 L775d-s7355 L775d-s7340 L775D-S7345 PSM73C-SR200E

Toshiba P755d-s5379 P755-s5182 P755-s5184 P755-S5260 P755-s5263
P755-S5264 P755-S5265 P755-S5268 P755-S5269 P755-S5272 P755-S5274
P755-S5320 P755-s5375 P755-s5381 P755-S7320 P755-ez1511d
P770-ST5GX1 P770-ST5GX2 P770-ST6GX1 P770-ST6GX2 P775d-s7302b
P775d-s7144 P775d-s7360 P845-S4200 P845t-S4310 P845t-SP4363SM
P845t-S4305 P845T-S4102

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