LENOVO Original L17C4PB0 Laptop Battery for 5B10Q16067 L17M4PB0 L17M4PB2 L17C4PB2 Yoga53014 Lenovo IdeaPad 530S-14ARR Flex 6-14ARR 14IKB Yoga 53014IKB81H9006N Flex 4 1580 80VE000MUS

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LENOVO L17C4PB0 Battery

Specifications :
  • Battery rating: 7.68V
  • Battery capacity: 45Wh
  • Type: rechargeable Li-ion original battery
  • Battery color: BLACK
  • Condition: New
Part Numbers :
2ICP4/41/110-2 2ICP4/41/1102 3ICP4/41/110
3ICP4/41/110-2 3ICP4/41/1102 5B10Q16066
5B10Q16067 5B10Q22882 5B10Q22883
5B10W67403 5B10W67428 L17C4PB0
L17C4PB2 L17M4PB0 SB10W67331
Yoga 530 14 Yoga53014
Laptop Fit Models:
Lenovo Series
Flex 6-14IKB 81EM000AUS Flex 614IKB 81EM000AUS Flex 6-14IKB-Type 81EM-81EM000AUS
Flex 614IKBType 81EM81EM000AUS
Lenovo Series
Flex 4 1580 80VE000MUS
Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 6 Series
Flex 6-14ARR-81HA0000US Flex 614ARR81HA0000US Flex 6-14ARR-81HA0001US
Flex 614ARR81HA0001US Flex 6-14ARR-81HA0002US Flex 614ARR81HA0002US
Flex 6-14ARR-81HA0003US Flex 614ARR81HA0003US Flex 6-14ARR-81HA0004US
Flex 614ARR81HA0004US Flex 6-14ARR-81HA0005US Flex 614ARR81HA0005US
Flex 6-14ARR-81HA0006US Flex 614ARR81HA0006US Flex 6-14ARR-81HA0007US
Flex 614ARR81HA0007US Flex 6-14ARR-81HA0009US Flex 614ARR81HA0009US
Flex 6-14ARR-81HA000AUS Flex 614ARR81HA000AUS Flex 6-14ARR-81HA000BUS
Flex 614ARR81HA000BUS Flex 6-14ARR-81HA000CUS Flex 614ARR81HA000CUS
Flex 6-14ARR-81HA000DUS Flex 614ARR81HA000DUS Flex 6-14ARR-81HA000ECF
Flex 614ARR81HA000ECF Flex 6-14ARR-81HA000FUS Flex 614ARR81HA000FUS
Flex 6-14ARR-81HA000GUS Flex 614ARR81HA000GUS Flex 6-14ARR-81HA000HUS
Flex 614ARR81HA000HUS Flex 6-14ARR-81HA000JUS Flex 614ARR81HA000JUS
Flex 6-14IKB-81EM0001US Flex 614IKB81EM0001US Flex 6-14IKB-81EM0002US
Flex 614IKB81EM0002US Flex 6-14IKB-81EM0003US Flex 614IKB81EM0003US
Flex 6-14IKB-81EM0004US Flex 614IKB81EM0004US Flex 6-14IKB-81EM0005US
Flex 614IKB81EM0005US Flex 6-14IKB-81EM0007US Flex 614IKB81EM0007US
Flex 6-14IKB-81EM0008US Flex 614IKB81EM0008US Flex 6-14IKB-81EM0009US
Flex 614IKB81EM0009US Flex 6-14IKB-81EM000BUS Flex 614IKB81EM000BUS
Flex 6-14IKB-81EM000CUS Flex 614IKB81EM000CUS Flex 6-14IKB-81EM000DUS
Flex 614IKB81EM000DUS Flex 6-14IKB-81EM000EUS Flex 614IKB81EM000EUS
Flex 6-14IKB-81EM000FUS Flex 614IKB81EM000FUS Flex 6-14IKB-81EM000GUS
Flex 614IKB81EM000GUS Flex 6-14IKB-81EM000HUS Flex 614IKB81EM000HUS
Flex 6-14IKB-81EM000JUS Flex 614IKB81EM000JUS Flex 6-14IKB-81EM000KUS
Flex 614IKB81EM000KUS Flex 6-14IKB-81EM000LUS Flex 614IKB81EM000LUS
Flex 6-14IKB-81EM000MUS Flex 614IKB81EM000MUS Flex 6-14IKB-81EM000NUS
Flex 614IKB81EM000NUS Flex 6-14IKB-81EM000PUS Flex 614IKB81EM000PUS
Flex 6-14IKB-81EM000QUS Flex 614IKB81EM000QUS Flex 6-14IKB-81EM000RCF
Flex 614IKB81EM000RCF Flex 6-14IKB-81EM000SUS Flex 614IKB81EM000SUS
Flex 6-14IKB-81EM000TUS Flex 614IKB81EM000TUS Flex 6-14IKB-81EM000UUS
Flex 614IKB81EM000UUS Flex 6-14IKB-81EM000VUS Flex 614IKB81EM000VUS
Flex 6-14IKB-81EM000XUS Flex 614IKB81EM000XUS Flex 6-14IKB-81EM0011US
Flex 614IKB81EM0011US Flex 6-14IKB-81EM0012US Flex 614IKB81EM0012US
Flex 6-14IKB-81EM0013US Flex 614IKB81EM0013US Flex 6-14IKB-81EM0014US
Flex 614IKB81EM0014US Flex 6-14IKB-81EM0015US Flex 614IKB81EM0015US
Flex 6-14IKB-81EM0016US Flex 614IKB81EM0016US Flex 6-14IKB-81EM0017US
Flex 614IKB81EM0017US Flex 6-14IKB-81EM0018US Flex 614IKB81EM0018US
Flex 6-14IKB-81EM0019US Flex 614IKB81EM0019US Flex 6-14IKB-81EM001AUS
Flex 614IKB81EM001AUS Flex 6-14IKB-81EM001BUS Flex 614IKB81EM001BUS
Flex 6-14IKB-81EM001CCF Flex 614IKB81EM001CCF Flex 6-14IKB-81EM001DUS
Flex 614IKB81EM001DUS Flex 6-14IKB-81EM001EGJ Flex 614IKB81EM001EGJ
Flex 6-14IKB-81EM001FGJ Flex 614IKB81EM001FGJ
Lenovo Series
FLEX-14API(81SS) FLEX14API(81SS) Flex-14IWL(81SQ)
Lenovo Series
530S Air 14 Flex 6-14
Flex 614 Flex 6-14ARR Flex 614ARR
Flex 6-14ARR-81HA Flex 614ARR81HA Flex 6-14ARR-81HA0008US
Flex 614ARR81HA0008US Flex 6-14IKB Flex 614IKB
Flex 6-14IKB-81EM Flex 614IKB81EM Flex 6-14IKB-81EM000WUS
Flex 614IKB81EM000WUS IdeaPad 530s-14 IdeaPad 530s14
Ideapad 530S-14ARR Ideapad 530S14ARR IdeaPad 530s-14IKB
IdeaPad 530s14IKB xiaoxin Air 14 XIAOXIN AIR 15
Yoga 530 YOGA 530-14ARR YOGA 53014ARR
Yoga 530-14IKB Yoga 53014IKB Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK00CWGE
Yoga 53014IKB81EK00CWGE
Lenovo Ideapad Series
Ideapad 530S-14ARR-81H1 Ideapad 530S14ARR81H1 Ideapad 530S-14ARR-81H1000WGE
Ideapad 530S14ARR81H1000WGE Ideapad 530S-14ARR-81H1001RGE Ideapad 530S14ARR81H1001RGE
Ideapad 530S-14ARR-81H1001XGE Ideapad 530S14ARR81H1001XGE Ideapad 530S-14ARR-81H1002PGE
Ideapad 530S14ARR81H1002PGE Ideapad 530S-14ARR-81H1002QGE Ideapad 530S14ARR81H1002QGE
  The above compatibility list is non-exhaustive. If your original part NO. or your laptop model NO. is not included in the compatibility list, but our product  may still fit your laptop. Please feel free to contact us to confirm the compatibility.
LENOVO Original L17C4PB0 Laptop Battery for 5B10Q16067 L17M4PB0 L17M4PB2 L17C4PB2 Yoga53014 Lenovo IdeaPad 530S-14ARR Flex 6-14ARR 14IKB Yoga 53014IKB81H9006N Flex 4 1580 80VE000MUS
LENOVO Original L...
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