Asus A31-K56 A32-K56 A41-K56 A42-K56 Original Laptop Battery for Asus A56C A56CM A56V K56C K56CA K56CB K56CM K56V R505CM S46CMV2G Series

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Specifications :
  • Battery rating: 15V
  • Battery capacity: 44Wh
  • Type: rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Battery color: Black
  • Condition: New
  • CE-/FCC-/RoHS-Certified ensure safety.
  • 12-months Carry-In Replacement Warranty
  • 24 x 7 Call, WhatsApp, Email support.
  • Wholesale and Retail
Part Numbers :
  • 0B110-00180000
  • 0B110-00180100
  • 0B110-00180200
  • 0B110-00210000
  • A31-K56
  • A32-K56
  • A41-K56
  • A42-K56
  • K56LM9C
Laptop Fit Models:
Asus Series
P46C P46CA P46CB
P46CM P46V P56CB
P56CB-XO184G P56CBXO184G Pro P56CB-XO193G
Pro P56CBXO193G
Asus R Series
R405 R405 Ultrabook R405C
R405CA R405CB R405CM
R405CV R405V R505
R505 Ultrabook R505C R505CA
R505CA-BB51 R505CABB51 R505CA-DB51
R505CADB51 R505CA-QB52 R505CAQB52
R505CA-QB72 R505CAQB72 R505CA-XX204P
R505CAXX204P R505CB R505CB-SB51-CB
R505CBSB51CB R505CB-XO003H R505CBXO003H
R505CB-XO004H R505CBXO004H R505CB-XO296H
R505CBXO296H R505CB-XO301H R505CBXO301H
R505CB-XO317H R505CBXO317H R505CB-XX072H
R505CBXX072H R505CB-XX236H R505CBXX236H
R505CB-XX239H R505CBXX239H R505CB-XX437H
R505CBXX437H R505CM R505CM-XX067V
R505CMXX067V R505CM-XX089H R505CMXX089H
R505CM-XX091H R505CMXX091H R505CM-XX144H
R505CMXX144H R505CM-XX300H R505CMXX300H
R550 R550 Ultrabook R550C
R550CA R550CA-CJ119H R550CACJ119H
R550CA-CJ123H R550CACJ123H R550CA-CJ133H
R550CACJ133H R550CA-CJ144H R550CACJ144H
R550CB R550CB-CJ189P R550CBCJ189P
R550CM R550CM-CJ058H R550CMCJ058H
Asus S Series
505CM-XX189P 505CMXX189P S40
S40 Ultrabook S405 S405 Ultrabook
S405C S405CA S405CB
S405CM S405CM-WX117H S405CMWX117H
S40C S40CA S40CB
S40CM S46 Series S46 Ultrabook
S46C Series S46C Ultrabook S46CA Series
S46CAWX016 S46CA-WX017H S46CAWX017H
S46CA-WX017R S46CAWX017R S46CA-WX021R
S46CAWX021R S46CA-WX044R S46CAWX044R
S46CB S46CB-WX058H S46CBWX058H
S46CB-WX119H S46CBWX119H S46CM Series
S46CMWX023V S46CM-WX046V S46CMWX046V
S46CM-WX049D S46CMWX049D S46CM-WX053R
S46CMWX053R S46CM-WX124H S46CMWX124H
S46E S46E3217CM S46E3317CB-SL
S46E3317CBSL S46E3317CM-SL S46E3317CMSL
S505 S505 Ultrabook S505C
S505C-XX188H S505CXX188H S505CA
S505CM S505CM-XX188HS S505CMXX188HS
S505CM-XX189P S505CMXX189P S50CA
S550C S550CA-CJ36 S550CACJ36
S550CA-DS51T S550CADS51T S550CB-CJ182H
S550CBCJ182H s550ch-cj124h s550chcj124h
S550CM S550CM-CJ038H S550CMCJ038H
s550cm-cjo28h s550cmcjo28h S550X3217CM-SL
S550X3217CMSL S550X3317CM-SL S550X3317CMSL
S550X3517CM-SL S550X3517CMSL S550XI3517CB-SL
S550XI3517CBSL S56 S56 Series
S56 Ultrabook S56C Series S56CA Series
S56CAWH31 S56CA-XX011D S56CAXX011D
S56CA-XX011H S56CAXX011H S56CA-XX011V
S56CAXX011V S56CA-XX015D S56CAXX015D
S56CA-XX019D S56CAXX019D S56CA-XX030R
S56CAXX030R S56CA-XX054H S56CAXX054H
S56CA-XX056R S56CAXX056R S56CA-XX093H
S56CAXX093H S56CB s56cb-x0164H
s56cbx0164H S56CB-XO453H S56CBXO453H
S56CB-XX033H S56CBXX033H S56CB-XX067H
S56CBXX067H S56CB-XX069H S56CBXX069H
S56CB-XX070H S56CBXX070H S56CB-XX103H
S56CBXX103H S56CB-XX104H S56CBXX104H
S56CB-XX132H S56CBXX132H S56CB-XX173H
S56CBXX173H S56CB-XX228H S56CBXX228H
S56CB-XX371H S56CBXX371H S56CB-XX372H
S56CBXX372H S56CB-XX493H S56CBXX493H
S56CB-XX494H S56CBXX494H S56CB-XX67H
S56CBXX67H S56CM S56CM Series
S56CMXO263H s56cm-XX0 s56cmXX0
S56CM-XX006H S56CMXX006H S56CM-XX017V
S56CMXX017V S56CM-XX018V S56CMXX018V
S56CM-XX028H S56CMXX028H S56CM-XX032D
S56CMXX032D S56CM-XX033H S56CMXX033H
S56CM-XX034X S56CMXX034X S56CM-XX035H
S56CMXX035H S56CM-XX035V S56CMXX035V
S56CM-XX035X S56CMXX035X S56CM-XX043H
S56CMXX043H S56CM-XX046R S56CMXX046R
S56CM-XX069D S56CMXX069D S56CM-XX070D
S56CMXX070D S56CM-XX072V S56CMXX072V
S56CM-XX079V S56CMXX079V S56CM-XX08
S56CMXX08 S56CM-XX140 S56CMXX140
S56CM-XX217H S56CMXX217H S56CM-XX219H
S56CMXX219H S56CM-XX3317S S56CMXX3317S
S56X3217CA-SL S56X3217CASL S56X3317CB-SL
S56X3317CBSL S56X3317CM-SL S56X3317CMSL
vivobook s550 vivobook s550c
Asus Series
U48 U48 Ultrabook U48C
U58 U58C U58CA
Asus Vivobook Series
S505CB S550CA S550CA-1A
S550CA1A S550CB-1A S550CB1A
S550CM-1A S550CM1A V550CB-SH51T-CB
V550CBSH51TCB VivoBook S405 VivoBook S405CA
VivoBook S405CA-RH51 VivoBook S405CARH51 VivoBook S550CA
VivoBook S550CA-CJ017H VivoBook S550CACJ017H VivoBook S550CA-CJ032H
VivoBook S550CACJ032H VivoBook S550CA-CJ035H VivoBook S550CACJ035H
VivoBook S550CA-CJ036H
      The above compatibility list is non-exhaustive. If your original part number or your laptop model number is not included in the compatibility list, but our battery may still fit your laptop. Please feel free to contact us to confirm the compatibility.
Asus A31-K56 A32-K56 A41-K56 A42-K56 Original Laptop Battery for Asus A56C A56CM A56V K56C K56CA K56CB K56CM K56V R505CM S46CMV2G Series
Asus A31-K56 A32-...
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