ASUS A32-K52 Laptop Battery for B53F B53J K42JR K52L623 K52L681 N82L691 A31-K42 A31-K52 A41-K52 A52DE-EX023V B53X B53XI CVX140D K42EI45JC-SL

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Specifications :
  • Battery rating: 10.8V
  • Battery capacity: 47Wh
  • Type: rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Battery color: Black
  • Condition: New
Part Numbers :
070NXS1B3000Z 070NXS1B3100Z 070NXS1B3200Z
07G016CS1875 07G016CS1875M 07G016CT1875
07G016CU1875 07G016CX1875 07G016EP1875
07G016ER1875 07G016ES1875 07G016EV1875
07G016FK1875 07G016FK1875M 07G016FL1875
07G016G51875 07G016G61875 07G016G61875M
07G016G81875 07G016GL1875 07G016GY1875
07G016GY3107 07G016GY3107M 0B20-00N30AS
0B2000N30AS 0B20-00T90AS 0B2000T90AS
0B20-00UQ0AS 0B2000UQ0AS 0B20-00WN0AS
0B2000WN0AS 70-NXM1B1200Z 70NXM1B1200Z
70-NXM1B2000Z 70NXM1B2000Z 70-NXM1B2200
70NXM1B2200 70-NXM1B2200Z 70NXM1B2200Z
70-NXS1B3000Z 70NXS1B3000Z 70-NXS1B3100Z
70NXS1B3100Z 70-NXS1B3200Z 70NXS1B3200Z
90-NXM1B2000Y 90NXM1B2000Y 90-nyx1b1000y
90nyx1b1000y 90-NYX1B2000Y 90NYX1B2000Y
A31-B53 A31B53 A31-K42
A31K42 A31-K52 A31K52
A32-B53 A32B53 A32-K32
A32K32 A32-K42 A32K42
A32-K5 A32K5 A32-K52
A32K52 A41-B53 A41B53
A41-K52 A41K52 A42-B53
A42B53 A42-K52 A42K52
A62-9426 A629426 A62-9485
A629485 A62-9625 A629625
A62-Q037H A62Q037H B53F
B53J K42JR K52L623
K52L681 N82L691 TIS-2217-2548
TIS22172548 X42JR-VX122V X42JRVX122V
Laptop Fit Models :
Asus Series
A52DE-EX023V A52DEEX023V A52DE-EX042V
A52DEEX042V A52DE-EX044V A52DEEX044V
A52DE-EX079V A52DEEX079V A52DE-EX080D
A52DEEX080D A52DE-EX114 A52DEEX114
A52DE-EX173D A52DEEX173D A52DE-EX174V
A52DEEX174V A52DE-EX179V A52DEEX179V
A52DE-EX197 A52DEEX197 A52F-EX1342V
A52FEX1342V B53X B53XI
K42F-VX312V K42FVX312V K52DV
P42EP P52F-SO006X P52FSO006X
P52F-SO017X P52FSO017X P52F-SO033X
P52FSO033X P52F-SO034X P52FSO034X
P52JC-SO009X P52JCSO009X P52JC-SO012X
P52JCSO012X P52JC-SO017X P52JCSO017X
P52JC-SO018X P52JCSO018X P52JC-SO028X
P52JCSO028X Pro51 Pro51B
Pro51K Pro51S Pro51SA
Pro67F PRO8FF X42N-VX064V
X42NVX064V X52JT-SX013V X52JTSX013V
X52JT-SX102V X52JTSX102V
Asus A Series
A42 Series A42DE A42DQ
A42DR A42DY A42F
A42F-VX258 A42FVX258 A42JA
A42JR-vx065v A42JRvx065v A42JV
A42JY A42JZ A42N
A42QR A52 A52 Series
A52BY A52D A52DE
A52DR A52DR-EX049V A52DREX049V
A52DR-EX051V A52DREX051V A52DR-EX063V
A52DREX063V A52DR-EX070V A52DREX070V
A52DR-EX111V A52DREX111V A52DR-EX129V
A52DREX129V A52DR-EX166D A52DREX166D
A52DR-EX269V A52DREX269V A52DR-EX271
A52DREX271 A52DR-EX273V A52DREX273V
A52DR-EX297R A52DREX297R A52DY
A52F A52F-EX489D A52FEX489D
A52F-EX568V A52FEX568V A52F-SX119
A52FSX119 A52J A52JA
A52JB A52JB-SX103V A52JBSX103V
A52JC A52JE A52JE-EX075V
A52JEEX075V A52JE-EX079V A52JEEX079V
A52JE-EX267V A52JEEX267V A52JE-EX277V
A52JR-SX109V A52JRSX109V A52JR-X1
A52JRX1 A52JT A52JT-SX339V
A52JTSX339V A52JU A52JU-SX002V
A52JUSX002V A52JV A52JV-SX009V
A52JVSX009V A52JV-SX019 A52JVSX019
A52JV-SX022V A52JVSX022V A52JV-SX030V
A52JVSX030V A52JV-SX044V A52JVSX044V
A52JV-SX061V A52JVSX061V A52JV-SX078
A52JVSX078 A52JV-SX088V A52JVSX088V
A52JV-SX098V A52JVSX098V A52JV-SX101D
A52JVSX101D A52N A52N-EX162V
A52NEX162V A52N-EXN830 A52NEXN830
Asus Series
B53E B53JC B53S
Asus K Series
AS-K52F-2B ASK52F2B K42
K42 Series K42d K42DE
K42DE-1A K42DE1A K42DE-1E
K42DE1E K42DE-3D K42DE3D
K42DE-3E K42DE3E K42DE-3F
K42DE3F K42DE-3G K42DE3G
K42DE-VX041D K42DEVX041D K42DQ
K42DQ-1A K42DQ1A K42DQ-2C
K42DQ2C K42DR K42DR-1A
K42DR1A K42DR-2C K42DR2C
K42DR-VX041V K42DRVX041V K42DR-VX059D
K42DRVX059D K42DR-VX078 K42DRVX078
K42DY K42DY-1A K42DY1A
K42DY-2C K42DY2C K42DY-3E
K42DY3E K42DY-3F K42DY3F
K42DY-3G K42DY3G K42DY-VX045
K42DYVX045 K42F K42F-1A
K42F1A K42F-2C K42F2C
K42F-A2B K42FA2B K42F-B1
K42FB1 K42F-EX859D K42FEX859D
K42F-VX138 K42FVX138 K42F-VX162D
K42FVX162D K42F-VX230V K42FVX230V
K42F-VX235 K42FVX235 K42j
K42JA K42JA-1A K42JA1A
K42JA-2C K42JA2C K42JA-3D
K42JA3D K42JB K42JB-1A
K42JB1A K42JB-1E K42JB1E
K42JB-2C K42JB2C K42JC
K42JC-1A K42JC1A K42JC-1E
K42JC1E K42JC-2C K42JC2C
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ASUS A32-K52 Laptop Battery for B53F B53J K42JR	K52L623 K52L681 N82L691 A31-K42 A31-K52 A41-K52 A52DE-EX023V B53X B53XI CVX140D K42EI45JC-SL
ASUS A32-K52 Lapt...
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