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  • Input Voltage: 100V-240V 50/60hz
  • Output Voltage: 19.5V
  • Output Current: 2.31A
  • Wattage: 45 W
  • Compatible devices: Laptop
  • Connector: 4.5mm*3.0mm
  • Color: Black
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Product Dimensions: 21.34 x 14.48 x 3.81 cm
  • Weight: 338 Grams


853490-002, 854116-850, TPN-CA04, TPN-LA04


Envy 13-AB000NI       

Envy 13-AD114TX       

Envy 15-AS120NR       

Envy X360 15-CN0000NH

Envy 13-AB001NE        Envy 13-AD122TX        Envy 15-AS128TU        Envy X360 15-CN0001NH

Envy 13-AB001NP       Envy 13-AD132TU       Envy 15-AS151NR        Envy X360 15-CN0002NIA

Envy 13-AB002TU        Envy 13-AD141TX        Envy 15-AS180NO       Envy X360 15-CN0003UR

Envy 13-AB003NT        Envy 13-AD150TX        Envy 15-U070NB         Envy X360 15-CN0005TU

Envy 13-ab005ng         Envy 13-AD159TX        Envy 15-u100  Envy X360 15-CN0008CA

Envy 13-AB006NF        Envy 13-AD162TU       Envy 15-u102nk           Envy X360 15-CN0009NF

Envy 13-AB010TU        Envy 13-AD165TX        Envy 15-U170NZ         Envy X360 15-CN0011UR

Envy 13-AB019NF        Envy 13-AD173TU       Envy 15-u200nf           Envy X360 15-CN0013UR

Envy 13-AB022TU        Envy 13-AD178TX        Envy 15-u202nv           Envy X360 15-CN0015NIA

Envy 13-AB026NF        Envy 13-AD181ND      Envy 15-u280no          Envy X360 15-CN0018TX

Envy 13-AB030NZ       Envy 13-D000NE         Envy 15-U483CL          Envy X360 15-CN0021UR

Envy 13-AB033TU        Envy 13-D000NP        

Envy x360 13-AG0012AU


Envy X360 15-CN0024UR

Envy 13-AB040NF        Envy 13-D001NA         Envy X360 13-AG0016NB        Envy X360 15-CN0027NN

Envy 13-AB048TU        Envy 13-D001NX         Envy X360 13-AG0602NZ        Envy X360 15-CN0035NIA

Envy 13-AB056NR       Envy 13-D002NN        Envy x360 13-ag0700ng          Envy X360 15-CN0040UR

Envy 13-AB060TU        Envy 13-D003LA          Envy X360 15-AQ000NF          Envy X360 15-CN0124NB

Envy 13-AB063TU        Envy 13-D003UR         Envy X360 15-AQ001NX          Envy X360 15-CN0400

Envy 13-AB070NO       Envy 13-D005LA          Envy X360 15-AQ003UR          Envy X360 15-CN0650NZ

Envy 13-AB076            Envy 13-D006NA         Envy X360 15-AQ100NG         Envy X360 15-CN0999NIA

Envy 13-AB084            Envy 13-D009TU          Envy X360 15-AQ102NA         Envy X360 15-CN1010NR

Envy 13-AB091            Envy 13-D012NL         Envy X360 15-AQ105NB          Envy X360 15-CP0000UR

Envy 13-AD001NK       Envy 13-D018NF         Envy X360 15-AR010CA           Envy X360 15-CP0002NO

Envy 13-AD003NS       Envy 13-D022TU          Envy X360 15-BP001NF           Envy X360 15-CP0005AU

Envy 13-AD005TX        Envy 13-D029TU          Envy X360 15-BP002NH          Envy X360 15-CP0008AU

Envy 13-AD005UR       Envy 13-D036NZ         Envy X360 15-BP003NB           Envy X360 15-CP0010NR

Envy 13-AD007NX       Envy 13-D042TU          Envy x360 15-bp008ng            Envy X360 15-CP0598NA

Envy 13-AD008NX       Envy 13-D049TU          Envy X360 15-BP009NO          Envy x360 15-w100na

Envy 13-ad009ng         Envy 13-D053NA         Envy X360 15-BP011NO          Envy x360 15-w100nm

Envy 13-AD009UR       Envy 13-D055TU          Envy X360 15-BP051NR           Envy x360 15-w101ur

Envy 13-AD011NF       Envy 13-D060TU          Envy X360 15-BP096NIA         Envy x360 15-w102nia

Envy 13-AD012NF       Envy 13-D067TU          Envy X360 15-BP100NK           Envy x360 15-w105wm

Envy 13-AD013NO      Envy 13-D084NG         Envy X360 15-BP100NP           Envy x360 15-w150nw

Envy 13-AD014UR       Envy 13-D099NB         Envy X360 15-BP102NA          Pavilion 15-cs0151ng

Envy 13-AD016TX        Envy 13-D101NF         Envy X360 15-BP102NO          Pavilion 15-cs0406ng

Envy 13-AD017NF       Envy 13-D102UR         Envy x360 15-bp103ng            Pavilion 15-CS2000TX

Envy 13-AD019TU       Envy 13-D106NO        Envy X360 15-BP103NO          Pavilion 15-cw002ng

Envy 13-AD023NF       Envy 13-D114TU          Envy X360 15-BP105NB           Spectre x360 13-4000np

Envy 13-AD023TX        Envy 13-D132TU          Envy X360 15-BP105NI            Spectre x360 13-4002nf

Envy 13-AD026TU       Envy 14-j113TX            Envy X360 15-BP106NB           Spectre x360 13-4020ng

Envy 13-AD031UR       Envy 14-j122TX            Envy X360 15-BP107NA          Spectre x360 13-4054na

Envy 13-AD035TX        Envy 15-AS000NE        Envy X360 15-BP107NB           Spectre x360 13-4097nf

Envy 13-AD036TU       Envy 15-AS000NX        Envy X360 15-BP108NB           Spectre x360 13-4100nv

Envy 13-AD043TX        Envy 15-AS001NS        Envy X360 15-BP112TX            Spectre x360 13-4102nf

Envy 13-AD055TU       Envy 15-AS003NF        Envy X360 15-BP117NF           Spectre x360 13-4104ng

Envy 13-AD057NR       Envy 15-AS004NIA      Envy X360 15-BP119TX            Spectre x360 13-4106nl

Envy 13-AD071TU       Envy 15-AS006NA       Envy X360 15-BP128TX            Spectre x360 13-4150ng

Envy 13-ad080nz         Envy 15-AS008UR        Envy X360 15-BP154NZ           Spectre x360 13-4156ne

Envy 13-AD100NF       Envy 15-AS013TU        Envy X360 15-BP191ND          Spectre x360 13-4231ng

Envy 13-AD101NP       Envy 15-AS018TU        Envy X360 15-BP198MS          Stream 11-r005tu

Envy 13-AD102NF       Envy 15-AS100NV       Envy X360 15-BQ004NC          Stream 11-r016tu

Envy 13-AD104NE       Envy 15-AS101UR        Envy X360 15-BQ009UR          Stream 13-c000nh

Envy 13-AD104NX       Envy 15-AS103NP        Envy x360 15-bq100nl Stream 13-c000nx

Envy 13-AD105NS       Envy 15-AS105NA       Envy x360 15-bq102ng            Stream 13-c009na

Envy 13-AD106NF       Envy 15-AS106NC       Envy X360 15-BQ103NL          Stream 13-c020na

Envy 13-AD108NI        Envy 15-as106ng         Envy X360 15-BQ108CA          Stream 14-z000nx

Envy 13-AD109NW      Envy 15-AS108UR        Envy X360 15-BQ150NA          Stream 14-z002ns

Envy 13-AD110TX        Envy 15-AS111NL        Envy X360 15-BQ199NZ          Stream 14-z052na

Envy 13-AD113NS       Envy 15-AS116TU.

853490-002 45W AC...
Regular price Save -Liquid error (snippets/product-price line 31): Computation results in '-Infinity'% Dhs. 120.00
Regular price Dhs. 120.00