45W ASUS VIVOBOOK X421FL S433FL 19V 2.37A (4.0*1.35MM) AC ADAPTER

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  • Input Voltage: 100V-240V 50/60hz
  • Output Voltage: 19V
  • Output Current: 2.37A
  • Wattage: 45W
  • Compatible devices: Laptop
  • Connector: 4.0mm*1.35mm
  • Color: Black
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Product Dimensions: 21.34 x 14.48 x 3.81 cm
  • Weight: 318 Grams


010H-3LF, 010LF, 0A001-00230000, 0A001-00231200, 0A001-00232100, 0A001-00232200, 0A001-00233100, 0A001-00233500, 0A001-00234700, 0A001-00234800, 0A001-00235700, 0A001-00236300, 0A001-00237100, 0A001-00237600, 0A001-00237900, 0A001-00693500, 0A001-00693800, 0A200-00021000, 90-XB34N0PW00000Y, 90-XB34N0PW00020Y, 90-XB34N0PW00040Y, AD2066020, AD883020, ADP-45AW A, ADP-45BW C, ADP-45BW Z, ADP-45JH DB, N45W-02, XB02OAPW00100Q, X421FL, S433FL



Eee Slate EP121            , UX330CA       , X540SA-XX014D        , ZenBookUX305UA, F555LA    UX330CA-1C   X540SA-XX062T            ZenBookUX305UA-FB004T

F556UA            UX330UA         X540U  ZenBookUX305UA-FB019T

K541UA           UX360CA         X540UA-1C      ZenBookUX305UA-FC001R

K555U  UX360UA         X540UA-DM047T        ZenBookUX305UA-FC002R

K555UA           UX430UA         X540UA-GQ198T         ZenBookUX305UA-FC010T

Q405UA-BI5T5            UX433FA          X540UB-1C      ZenBookUX306UA-Q52S

Q501LA           UX461UA-1A   X540UB7500    ZenBookUX306UA-VB72

Q505UA-BI5T7            VivoBook 15X505         X540UB-DM031T         ZenBookUX310UA-FC062T

Q525UA-BI7T9            VivoBook 15X505BA    X540UP            ZenBookUX310UA-FC073T

R510LAV          VivoBook 15X505BA-RB94       X540UP-1A      ZenBookUX310UA-FC075T

R518UA           VivoBook 15X505BP-BR007T   X540UP-3F      ZenBookUX310UA-FC088T

R541UA           VivoBook 17 X705UA   X540UV           ZenBookUX310UA-FC138T

R753UA           VivoBook F505 X540UV-DM021T        ZenBookUX310UA-FC255T

R753UA-T4170T          VivoBook F505BA-BR036T       X540UV-GQ004           ZenBookUX310UA-FC331T

R753UA-T4249T          VivoBook F505BA-BR038T       X540Y  ZenBookUX310UA-FC337T

R753UA-TY049T          VivoBook F505BA-BR067T       X540YA-1A      ZenBookUX310UA-FC341T

R753UA-TY169T          VivoBook Flip 14TP401CA        X540YA-3F       ZenBookUX310UA-FC344T

RT-AC3100      VivoBook Flip 14TP410UA        X540YA-DM085T         ZenBookUX310UA-FC347T

S510U  VivoBook Flip 14TP410UR        X540YA-DM099T         ZenBookUX310UA-FC694T

TAICHI21         VivoBook Flip 14TP412UA        X540YA-XO033T          ZenBookUX310UA-FC756T

TAICHI31         VivoBook Flip 14TP412UA-EC047T       X540YA-XX016T           ZenBookUX310UA-FC850T

TP300L VivoBook Flip 14TP412UA-EC059T       X541NC3450  



TP301U            VivoBook Flip 14TP412UA-EC069T       X541UA           ZenBookUX310UA-GL123T

TP301UA6500  VivoBook Flip 14TP412UA-EC113T       X542BA            ZenBookUX310UA-GL151T

TP410UF          VivoBook Flip 14TP412UA-EC969T       X551CA            ZenBookUX310UF

TP410UR          VivoBook Flip 15TP510UA        X552C  ZenBookUX310UF-FC005T

TP510UA          VivoBook Flip 15TP510UA-E8066T       X552E  ZenBookUX310UF-FC007T

TP510UF          VivoBook Flip 15TP510UA-E8077T       X552EP            ZenBookUX310UF-FC035R

TP510UF-1A    VivoBook Flip 15TP510UQ-E8033T      X552VL            ZenBookUX310UQ

Transformer Book T302CA-FL010T       VivoBook S13 S330      X555L  ZenBookUX31A Series

Transformer Book T302CA-FL012T       X441BA            X555LA            ZenBookUX31E

Transformer Book T302CA-FL013T       X441U  X555U  ZenBookUX31K

Transformer Book T302CA-FL021T       X451CA            X555UA           ZenBookUX32 Series

Transformer Book T302CHI      X505BA-1A      X555UA-1B      ZenBookUX32A-DH31-CB

TX201LA          X505BA-1B      X555UA-3E      ZenBookUX32A-DH51-CA

U305L  X505BA-3F       X555UA-3G     ZenBookUX32A-R3001V

UX21E-DH52   X505BP-1A      X555UA-XX066T          ZenBookUX32A-R3007H

UX302LA          X505BP-1C      X555Y  ZenBookUX32A-R3007V

UX303LA          X505BP-3G      X705NC           ZenBookUX32A-R3024H

UX305C           X530FA-1A      X705UA           ZenBookUX32A-R3028H

UX305F            X530FA-1D      ZenBook 14UX433       ZenBookUX32A-R3502H

UX305FA-1B    X530FA-1E       ZenBook BX32A-R3010X          ZenBookUX32A-R5502H

UX305FA-2A    X530FA-2F       ZenBook Flip 14UX461UA        ZenBookUX330CA-FC009T

UX305LA_C-1A            X530UA-1A      ZenBook FlipUX360CA ZenBookUX330CA-FC020T

UX305LA-1AFA            X530UA-1D     ZenBook FlipUX360UA ZenBookUX330CA-FC030T

UX305LA-1C    X530UA-1G     ZenBook FlipUX360UA-C4026T            ZenBookUX330CA-FC031T

UX305UA-1C   X530UA-2F      ZenBook FlipUX360UA-C4154T            ZenBookUX330UA

UX306C           X540LA            ZenBook FlipUX360UA-C4159T            ZenBookUX330UA-FB018R

UX306U           X540LA-1C      ZenBook FlipUX360UA-C4164T            ZenBookUX330UA-FC004T

UX310UA         X540LA-3G      ZenBook FlipUX360UAK-BB283T          ZenBookUX330UA-FC031T

UX310UA-1A   X540LJ ZenBook FlipUX360UAK-BB285T          ZenBookUX330UA-FC059T

UX310UQ-1A   X540LJ-1C       ZenBook FlipUX360UAK-BB295T          ZenBookUX330UA-FC078T

UX31A X540LJ-3G       ZenBook FlipUX360UAK-BB352T          ZenBookUX330UA-FC080T

UX31A-2A        X540LJ-3H       ZenBook FlipUX360UAK-BB356T          ZenBookUX330UA-FC118T

UX31A-2D       X540LJ-XX001T            ZenBook FlipUX360UAK-C4203T          ZenBookUX331UAL

UX31E-DH52   X540LJ-XX014T            ZenBookUX21A            ZenBookUX3410UA

UX31E-DH72   X540LJ-XX044T            ZenBookUX21E            ZenBookUX3410UA-GV078T

UX31E-RSL8     X540NA-1A     ZenBookUX302LA-C4003H      ZenBookUX3410UA-GV079T

UX31E-RY003V            X540NV-1A     ZenBookUX303LA        ZenBookUX3410UA-GV149T

UX31E-RY012V            X540SA-XX004T           ZenBookUX305FA        ZenBookUX561UA

45W ASUS VIVOBOOK X421FL S433FL 19V 2.37A (4.0*1.35MM) AC ADAPTER
Regular price Save -Liquid error (snippets/product-price line 31): Computation results in '-Infinity'% Dhs. 210.00
Regular price Dhs. 210.00