LENOVO L14S3A01 Original Laptop Battery for L14C3A01 5B10H42831 B5010(80QR) B50-10(80QR0003GE) IdeaPad 110-14AST(80TQ) IdeaPad 100-15IBY 80R8 Ideapad 100-15IBY

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Specifications :
  • Battery rating: 10.8V
  • Battery capacity: 24Wh
  • Type: rechargeable Li-Polymer battery
  • Battery color: BLACK
  • Condition: New
Part Numbers:
5B10H42764 5B10H42831 5B10K10177
5B10K10220 L14C3A01 L14S3A01
Laptop Fit Models:
Lenovo Ideapad Series
B50-10(80QR) B5010(80QR) B50-10(80QR0003GE)
B5010(80QR0003GE) B50-10(80QR0004GE) B5010(80QR0004GE)
B50-10(80QR0006GE) B5010(80QR0006GE) B50-10(80QR0007GE)
B5010(80QR0007GE) B50-10(80QR0012UK) B5010(80QR0012UK)
B50-10(80QR0013GE) B5010(80QR0013GE) B50-10(80QR0014GE)
B5010(80QR0014GE) B50-10(80QR003GGE) B5010(80QR003GGE)
B50-10(80QR003KGE) B5010(80QR003KGE) B50-10(80QR005UGE)
B5010(80QR005UGE) B50-10(80QR0077GE) B5010(80QR0077GE)
B50-10(80QR0079GE) B5010(80QR0079GE) B50-10(80QR007PGE)
B5010(80QR007PGE) B50-10(80QR007QGE) B5010(80QR007QGE)
Ideapad 100-15IBY 80MJ0017US Ideapad 10015IBY 80MJ0017US Ideapad 100-15IBY 80MJ0018US
Ideapad 10015IBY 80MJ0018US Ideapad 100-15IBY 80MJ0019US Ideapad 10015IBY 80MJ0019US
Ideapad 100-15IBY 80MJ001AUS Ideapad 10015IBY 80MJ001AUS Ideapad 100-15IBY 80MJ00AEUS
Ideapad 10015IBY 80MJ00AEUS IdeaPad 100-15IBY 80MJ00F6AU IdeaPad 10015IBY 80MJ00F6AU
IdeaPad 100-15IBY 80MJ00GDAU IdeaPad 10015IBY 80MJ00GDAU IdeaPad 100-15IBY 80MJ00KTAU
IdeaPad 10015IBY 80MJ00KTAU IdeaPad 100-15IBY 80MJ00KUAU IdeaPad 10015IBY 80MJ00KUAU
IdeaPad 100-15IBY 80MJ00L6AU IdeaPad 10015IBY 80MJ00L6AU IdeaPad 100-15IBY 80MJ00TWAU
IdeaPad 10015IBY 80MJ00TWAU IdeaPad 100-15IBY 80R8 IdeaPad 10015IBY 80R8
IdeaPad 100-15IBY(80MJ/80R8) IdeaPad 10015IBY(80MJ/80R8) IdeaPad 100-15IBY(80MJ001DGE)
IdeaPad 10015IBY(80MJ001DGE) IdeaPad 100-15IBY(80MJ00CJGE) IdeaPad 10015IBY(80MJ00CJGE)
IdeaPad 100-15IBY(80MJ00CKGE) IdeaPad 10015IBY(80MJ00CKGE) IdeaPad 100-15IBY(80MJ00P2GE)
IdeaPad 10015IBY(80MJ00P2GE) IdeaPad 100-15IBY-80MJ00G2US IdeaPad 10015IBY80MJ00G2US
IdeaPad 110-14AST(80TQ) IdeaPad 11014AST(80TQ) IdeaPad 110-14IBR(80T6)
IdeaPad 11014IBR(80T6) IdeaPad 110-14IBR(80T6/80UJ) IdeaPad 11014IBR(80T6/80UJ)
IdeaPad 110-14IBR(80T6000VPH) IdeaPad 11014IBR(80T6000VPH) IdeaPad 110-14IBR(80T6003ERA)
IdeaPad 11014IBR(80T6003ERA) IdeaPad 110-14IBR(80T6003WIH) IdeaPad 11014IBR(80T6003WIH)
Ideapad 110-14IKB Ideapad 11014IKB IdeaPad 110-15ACL(80T7003GTX)
IdeaPad 11015ACL(80T7003GTX) IdeaPad 110-15ACL(80TJ) IdeaPad 11015ACL(80TJ)
IdeaPad 110-15ACL(80TJ001HGE) IdeaPad 11015ACL(80TJ001HGE) IdeaPad 110-15ACL(80TJ0060CK)
IdeaPad 11015ACL(80TJ0060CK) IdeaPad 110-15ACL(80TJ0062CK) IdeaPad 11015ACL(80TJ0062CK)
IdeaPad 110-15ACL(80TJ006ERK) IdeaPad 11015ACL(80TJ006ERK) IdeaPad 110-15ACL(80TJ008MMX)
IdeaPad 11015ACL(80TJ008MMX) IdeaPad 110-15ACL(80V7) IdeaPad 11015ACL(80V7)
IdeaPad 110-15ACL(80V70009US) IdeaPad 11015ACL(80V70009US) IdeaPad 110-15AST(80TR)
IdeaPad 11015AST(80TR) IdeaPad 110-15AST(80TR001BGE) IdeaPad 11015AST(80TR001BGE)
IdeaPad 110-15AST(80TR001CGE) IdeaPad 11015AST(80TR001CGE) IdeaPad 110-15IBR(80T7/80W2)
IdeaPad 11015IBR(80T7/80W2) IdeaPad 110-15IBR(80T7000HUS) IdeaPad 11015IBR(80T7000HUS)
IdeaPad 110-15IBR(80T7000TGE) IdeaPad 11015IBR(80T7000TGE) IdeaPad 110-15IBR(80T7001KGE)
IdeaPad 11015IBR(80T7001KGE) IdeaPad 110-15IBR(80T7001LGE) IdeaPad 11015IBR(80T7001LGE)
IdeaPad 110-15IBR(80T7004QRA) IdeaPad 11015IBR(80T7004QRA) IdeaPad 110-15IBR(80T7008QGE)
IdeaPad 11015IBR(80T7008QGE) IP 100-15IBY 80MJ00F6AU IP 10015IBY 80MJ00F6AU
IP 100-15IBY 80MJ00GDAU IP 10015IBY 80MJ00GDAU IP 100-15IBY 80MJ00KTAU
IP 10015IBY 80MJ00KTAU IP 100-15IBY 80MJ00KUAU IP 10015IBY 80MJ00KUAU
IP 100-15IBY 80MJ00L6AU IP 10015IBY 80MJ00L6AU IP 100-15IBY 80MJ00TWAU
IP 10015IBY 80MJ00TWAU
Lenovo Series
Ideapad 100-15IBY Ideapad 10015IBY IdeaPad 100-15IBY(80MJ)
IdeaPad 10015IBY(80MJ) IdeaPad 100-15IBY(80MJ001CGE) IdeaPad 10015IBY(80MJ001CGE)
IdeaPad 100-15IBY(80MJ001EGE) IdeaPad 10015IBY(80MJ001EGE) IdeaPad 100-15IBY(80MJ00ARGE)
IdeaPad 10015IBY(80MJ00ARGE) IdeaPad 100-15IBY(80MJ00ASGE) IdeaPad 10015IBY(80MJ00ASGE)
IdeaPad 100-15IBY(80MJ00ATGE) IdeaPad 10015IBY(80MJ00ATGE) IdeaPad 100-15IBY(80MJ00CLGE)
IdeaPad 10015IBY(80MJ00CLGE) IdeaPad 100-15IBY(80MJ00CPGE) IdeaPad 10015IBY(80MJ00CPGE)
IdeaPad 100-15IBY(80MJ00CQGE) IdeaPad 10015IBY(80MJ00CQGE) IdeaPad 100-15IBY(80MJ00EDGE)
IdeaPad 10015IBY(80MJ00EDGE) IdeaPad 100-15IBY(80MJ00EEGE) IdeaPad 10015IBY(80MJ00EEGE)
IdeaPad 100-15IBY(80MJ00GAGE) IdeaPad 10015IBY(80MJ00GAGE) IdeaPad 100-15IBY(80MJ00GBGE)
IdeaPad 10015IBY(80MJ00GBGE) IdeaPad 100-15IBY(80MJ00JBGE) IdeaPad 10015IBY(80MJ00JBGE)
IdeaPad 100-15IBY(80MJ00TQGE) IdeaPad 10015IBY(80MJ00TQGE)
LENOVO L14S3A01 Original Laptop Battery for L14C3A01 5B10H42831 B5010(80QR) B50-10(80QR0003GE) IdeaPad 110-14AST(80TQ) IdeaPad 100-15IBY 80R8 Ideapad 100-15IBY
LENOVO L14S3A01 O...
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