Asus X541U Original Laptop Battery A31N1601 for X541SA X541UV F541UA R541SC R541SC-1W

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Specifications :
  • Battery rating: 10.8V
  • Battery capacity: 36Wh
  • Type: rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Battery color: Black
  • Condition: New
  • CE-/FCC-/RoHS-Certified ensure safety.
  • 12-months Carry-In Replacement Warranty
  • 24 x 7 Call, WhatsApp, Email support.
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Part Numbers :

  • 0B110-00440000
  • 0B110-00440100
  • A31LP4Q
  • A31N1601


Laptop Fit Models:

K541UVDM1149T K541UV-DM1297T K541UVDM1297T
K541UV-DM1488T K541UVDM1488T K541UV-DM293T
K541UVDM293T K541UV-DM443T K541UVDM443T
K541UV-DM468T K541UVDM468T K541UV-DM979D
K541UVDM979D K541UV-GQ642T K541UVGQ642T
K541UV-GQ644T K541UVGQ644T K541UV-GQ650T
K541UVGQ650T K541UV-XO451T K541UVXO451T
K541UV-XO881T K541UVXO881T K541UV-XX011D
K541UVXX011D K541UV-XX012D K541UVXX012D
K541UV-XX332D K541UVXX332D K541UV-XX335T
K541UVXX335T K541UV-XX404T K541UVXX404T
P541SA P541SA-XO496T P541SAXO496T
P541UA P541UA-DM2003R P541UADM2003R
P541UA-GO1508T P541UAGO1508T P541UA-GO1521R
P541UAGO1521R P541UA-GO1522R P541UAGO1522R
P541UA-GQ1241R P541UAGQ1241R P541UA-GQ1248R
P541UAGQ1248R P541UA-GQ1349 P541UAGQ1349
P541UA-GQ1349T P541UAGQ1349T P541UA-GQ1506T
P541UAGQ1506T P541UA-GQ1507T P541UAGQ1507T
P541UA-GQ1522R P541UAGQ1522R P541UA-GQ1523R
P541UAGQ1523R P541UA-GQ1531T P541UAGQ1531T
P541UA-GQ1532 P541UAGQ1532 P541UA-GQ1859T
P541UAGQ1859T P541UA-GQ2099 P541UAGQ2099
P541UJ P541UJ-GO625T P541UJGO625T
P541UJ-GO626T P541UJGO626T P541UJ-GO627T
P541UJGO627T P541UV P541UV-DM1302R
P541UVDM1302R P541UV-DM1401R P541UVDM1401R
P541UV-DM729R P541UVDM729R P541UV-GQ1243T
P541UVGQ1243T P541UV-GQ1244R P541UVGQ1244R
P541UV-GQ1245R P541UVGQ1245R P541UV-GQ1279T
P541UVGQ1279T P541UV-GQ1369T P541UVGQ1369T
R541NA R541NA-DM156T R541NADM156T
R541NA-DM198T R541NADM198T R541NA-GQ151T
R541NAGQ151T R541NA-GQ152T R541NAGQ152T
R541NA-GQ235T R541NAGQ235T R541NA-GQ419T
R541NAGQ419T R541NA-GQ448T R541NAGQ448T
R541NA-RB21T R541NARB21T R541NA-RS01TQ
R541NARS01TQ R541NC R541NC-DM049T
R541NCDM049T R541NC-GK128T R541NCGK128T
R541NC-GO048T R541NCGO048T R541NC-GO057
R541NCGO057 R541NC-GO140T R541NCGO140T
R541NC-GO141T R541NCGO141T R541NC-GQ126T
R541NCGQ126T R541SA R541SA-DM333T
R541SADM333T R541SA-DM406T R541SADM406T
R541SA-DM464T R541SADM464T R541SA-DM484T
R541SADM484T R541SA-XO113D R541SAXO113D
R541SA-XO201T R541SAXO201T R541SA-XO253T
R541SAXO253T R541SA-XO255D R541SAXO255D
R541SA-XO255T R541SAXO255T R541SA-XO389T
R541SAXO389T R541SA-XO391D R541SAXO391D
R541SA-XO456D R541SAXO456D R541SA-XX025T
R541SAXX025T R541SA-XX112T R541SAXX112T
R541SA-XX241T R541SAXX241T R541SA-XX388T
R541SAXX388T R541SA-XX463T R541SAXX463T
R541SC R541SC-1W R541SC1W
R541SC-DM123T R541SCDM123T R541SC-XO041T
R541SCXO041T R541SC-XO075T R541SCXO075T
R541SC-XO077D R541SCXO077D R541SC-XO079D
R541SCXO079D R541SC-XO121D R541SCXO121D
R541SC-XO122D R541SCXO122D R541SC-XX037T
R541SCXX037T R541SC-XX081D R541SCXX081D
R541SC-XX082D R541SCXX082D R541UA
R541UA-DM1209T R541UADM1209T R541UA-DM1210T
R541UADM1210T R541UA-DM1211T R541UADM1211T
R541UA-DM1287D R541UADM1287D R541UA-DM1287T
R541UADM1287T R541UA-DM1404D R541UADM1404D
R541UA-DM1404T R541UADM1404T R541UA-DM1405D
R541UADM1405D R541UA-DM1405T R541UADM1405T
R541UA-DM1406T R541UADM1406T R541UA-DM1407D
R541UADM1407D R541UA-DM1407T R541UADM1407T
R541UA-DM1426T R541UADM1426T R541UA-DM1427T
R541UADM1427T R541UA-DM1457T R541UADM1457T
R541UA-DM1804T R541UADM1804T R541UA-DM1805T
R541UADM1805T R541UA-DM187T R541UADM187T
R541UA-DM1941T R541UADM1941T R541UA-DM1963T
R541UADM1963T R541UA-DM294T R541UADM294T
R541UA-DM328T R541UADM328T R541UA-DM439T
R541UADM439T R541UA-DM484T R541UADM484T
R541UA-DM524T R541UADM524T R541UA-DM541T
R541UADM541T R541UA-DM558T R541UADM558T
R541UA-DM567T R541UADM567T R541UA-DM585T
R541UADM585T R541UA-DM984T R541UADM984T
R541UA-DM985T R541UADM985T R541UA-DM986T
R541UADM986T R541UA-DM987T R541UADM987T
R541UA-DM993T R541UADM993T R541UA-GO1216T
R541UAGO1216T R541UA-GO1643D R541UAGO1643D
R541UA-GO1674T R541UAGO1674T R541UA-GO959T
R541UAGO959T R541UA-GQ1020T R541UAGQ1020T
R541UA-GQ1023T R541UAGQ1023T R541UA-GQ1024T
R541UAGQ1024T R541UA-GQ1029T R541UAGQ1029T
R541UA-GQ1031T R541UAGQ1031T R541UA-GQ1118T
R541UAGQ1118T R541UA-GQ1140T R541UAGQ1140T
R541UA-GQ1218T R541UAGQ1218T R541UA-GQ1409T
R541UAGQ1409T R541UA-GQ1571T R541UAGQ1571T
R541UA-GQ1572T R541UAGQ1572T R541UA-GQ1607T
R541UAGQ1607T R541UA-GQ1764T R541UAGQ1764T
R541UA-GQ1940T R541UAGQ1940T R541UA-RB51
R541UARB51 R541UA-RS51 R541UARS51
R541UA-XO182T R541UAXO182T R541UA-XO195T
R541UAXO195T R541UA-XX1153T R541UAXX1153T
R541UA-XX289T R541UAXX289T R541UA-XX295T
R541UAXX295T R541UA-XX296T R541UAXX296T
R541UA-XX500T R541UAXX500T R541UJ-DM042T
R541UJDM042T R541UJ-DM044T R541UJDM044T
R541UJ-DM045T R541UJDM045T R541UJ-DM047T
R541UJDM047T R541UJ-DM049T R541UJDM049T
R541UJ-DM092T R541UJDM092T R541UJ-DM174
R541UJDM174 R541UJ-DM174T R541UJDM174T
R541UJ-DM181T R541UJDM181T R541UJ-DM182T
R541UJDM182T R541UJ-DM220T R541UJDM220T
R541UJ-DM256T R541UJDM256T R541UJ-DM347T
R541UJDM347T R541UJ-DM446T R541UJDM446T
R541UJ-DM448D R541UJDM448D R541UJ-DM448T
R541UJDM448T R541UJ-DM449T R541UJDM449T
R541UJ-DM450 R541UJDM450 R541UJ-DM451T
R541UJDM451T R541UJ-DM452T R541UJDM452T
R541UJ-GO075T R541UJGO075T R541UJ-GO150T
R541UJGO150T R541UJ-GO151T R541UJGO151T
R541UJ-GO171T R541UJGO171T R541UJ-GO270T
R541UJGO270T R541UJ-GO603T R541UJGO603T
R541UJ-GO622T R541UJGO622T R541UJ-GO686T
R541UJGO686T R541UJ-GQ257T R541UJGQ257T
R541UJ-GQ258T R541UJGQ258T R541UJ-GQ294T
R541UJGQ294T R541UJ-GQ505T R541UJGQ505T

The above compatibility list is non-exhaustive. If your original part number or your laptop model number is not included in the compatibility list, but our battery may still fit your laptop. Please feel free to contact us to confirm the compatibility.

Asus X541U Original Laptop Battery A31N1601 for  X541SA X541UV F541UA R541SC R541SC-1W
Asus X541U Origin...
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